In the visit centre Serebryanniy Log interactive excursions, devoted to the culture and everyday life of the indigenous peoples of Yenisey Siberia, have started.  For the last weekend over a hundred residents and guests of Krasnoyarsk. Such interactive excursions will be regularly held on days-off. You can sign up for them right now in the community Visit Centre Serebryanniy Log.

The participants of the interactive excursion get the spirit of the peoples of Yenisey Siberia – the event takes place in the traditional dwellings of the people who inhabit northern and southern territories of Krasnoyarsk region and Republics of Tyva and Khakassia. In the framework of the interactive excursions the guests are told about the place they are in, after that an assistant accompanies the guests of the event to the reindeer skin tent. There a repsentative of the Evenki people holds a ritual , plays jaw harp and tells how peoples of Yenisey Siberia lived in the past and what changes have recently happened in the everyday life.  Then the visitors move to the yurt, where a creative master class takes place.

– We have come with all our family to such a wonderful event in Serebryanniy Log to learn more about other peoples - our neighbours, and to show to our children how diverse the world of ethnic groups  is. As a result, we have got food for thought, as well as we have done an applique of a bag in the northern style and got acquainted with another interesting culture, - a participant of the first interactive excursion Anna Dem’yanenko shared her experience.

Specially for the interactive excursions craftsmen and masters, who work with ethnic motives of different peoples, were invited. That is why already in March the guests of these events in the third visit centre of the Gremyachaya Griva eco-park will be able to make a doll of northern Bereginya, doll Akan’ or to work with Khakass painting on wooden cuts, northern painting on birch bark, felting.

You can sign up for an interactive excursion on days-off in the community Visit Centre Serebryanniy Log. The excursion groups meet  in the visit centre near the administrator. You can get to the place of the interactive excursions by public transport as well as by car. You can get more details about the route at the web-portal about travelling in Krasnoyarsk region The next interactive excursions will take place already on this weekend – on the 11th and 12th of March.  

Published: 06.03.2023
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