If you want to see mountains with flat tops and low clouds, fjord lakes and waterfalls, if you want to go where there are no roads, hotels and where people do not live - welcome to the Putorana Plateau!

You will see placers of agates and amethysts, druses of rock crystal that you can take along.
You will solve the mystery of the polar day and the northern lights.
You will experience the crystal clear taste of water.

The Putorana Plateau is a paradise for fishermen! You will not leave us without tasting dishes with a special creamy taste of northern pike and not learning how to distinguish its taste from the most beautiful fish of Siberia, the arctic char.
We invite you to make an amazing journey to the Putorana Plateau!
Tour price: 
from 88,000 rubles per person, flight is not included
Tour operator contacts:
LLC "Academy of Travel"
phone: +7-902-990-91-42
e-mail: ap2429142@yandex.ru
website: www.putorana-rafting.ru

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