In this active tour of the Krasnoyarsk Region you will have the opportunity to go through the most exotic hiking trails of Siberia:

• Enjoy an active holiday surrounded by fancy rocky peaks, waterfalls, glacial lakes in the tent camp "Pearl of the Sayan Mountains", making a trip to the amazing natural park "Ergaki"
• Visit and even climb the cliffs of one of the seven wonders of Russia, the nature reserve “Stolby”
• Rafting on a catamaran along the beautiful Mana River amidst dense Sayan taiga and majestic cliffs
• Descend into the largest conglomerate caves in the world, Badzheiskaya or Bolshaya Oreshnaya
• Meet with many museums, natural monuments and see with your own eyes the country's largest hydroelectric power stations: Sayano-Shushenskaya and Krasnoyarskaya
• Visit the most significant and major event in Russia in the world of ethnic music, the International Festival of Music and Crafts "World of Siberia" in the village of Shushenskoye

For 15 days of this excursion tour you will see the most interesting sights of the Krasnoyarsk Region and historical monuments of Siberia!

The price of the tour in June and in August: from 72 600 rubles

The price of the tour in July: from 74 400 rubles (the main program is expanded by a visit to the international ethnic festival "World of Siberia")

Tour operator contacts:

Altamira Company
179 Krasnoyarsky Rabochy Ave., Krasnoyarsk, Zip Code 660064 
phone: +7 (391) 292-55-30, 292-55-31
site: www.альтамира.рф

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