Trip to old-believers of Kaa-Khem river

10 days, 3 regions of Russia: Krasnoyarsk Region, Khakassia and Tuva.

The feature of the trip is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with each of the regions, to compare how real Siberians, steppe nomads and taiga Old Believers, live.

What will you see?

• The Siberian village, as it was more than a century ago, the national color of the Khakass and Tuvinian dwellings, the yurts.
• Petroglyphs and megaliths over 2000 years old.
On our way, coniferous forests will be replaced by a steppe, and wind-blown semi-deserts by turbulent mountain rivers and salubrious springs.

What will you hear?
• Stories of  three regions intertwined with legends.
• Voices of wild nature that amaze residents of noisy cities.

What will you feel?
• Energy of cult pagan places.
• Harmonious tranquility of people living according to ancient canons.

What will you try?
• Siberian jams and salted delicacies, maral meat and other traditional Siberian dishes.

Tour price:
from 2 000 euros per person

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