See the most beautiful places of Krasnoyarsk off the deck of the motor ship and from the window of a sightseeing train, enjoy the Siberian landscapes and fall in love with the interminable expanses! Let's do it together!

The comfortable motor ship will pass through the Yenisei River from the River-boat Station to the famous Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station. The route will end on the picturesque quay of Divnogorsk.
You will see the majestic Communal Bridge, the old frame of the Tsarsky Railway Bridge and the newest bridge of Krasnoyarsk.
We will pass the beautiful Theater Square, we will see the famous Takmak from the board of the ship, the pedestal of the Tsar-Ryba rock, the Ovsyanka village.
Awesome objects will suddenly appear before us: the domes of the Royal Passion-bearers Church, the banks of the Studgorodok and the Akademgorodok, and finally the most picturesque cliffs of Divnogorsk.
In our route, the most unforgettable historical points, the founding grounds of the Krasny Yar fortress and the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station, will open with unpcedented beauty!

It is combined route on two types of transport, a joint project with JSC "KrasPrigorod" and the methodological patronage of the Museum of Local Lore
Tour price:
from 2250 rubles per person.
Tour operator contacts:
Azimut LLC
phone: +7 (391) 223-23-32, 294-07-04

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