We will open for you absolutely magnificent Putorana Plateau!

You will visit the shaman places of the ancient Evenks, you will see dozens of waterfalls and canyons, you will learn everything about the features of the plateau relief.
We think that you will surely be amazed by the untouched nature of the pristine places! You will get acquainted with the unique exhibits of the private ethnographic museum based on a tourist camp “Bunisyak”, listen to a series of lectures on the history, ethnography and shamanism of the indigenous peoples of Taimyr, try local dishes with wild venison and the purest northern fish.

If you plan your trip in September, then the Northern Lights is a bonus for you, it is especially gorgeous in the pure mountain air!
You will see places rarely walked by a man!

Tour price: from 106 000 rubles

The price includes: everything except the flight to Norilsk and back, and meals during the period of stay in the Norilsk city.


Tour operator contacts:

LLC PutoranyTour
phone: +7 913 498 33 84, +7 913 530 01 77
e-mail: contuel@mail.ru
website: www.putorana.land
Instagram: putoranatour
Facebook and VKontakte: ПутораныТур

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