Siberian Conan Doyle

Alexander Alexandrovich Bushkov is one of the most widely read writers in Russia, a literary phenomenon and the pride of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The books of his pen are still the subject of heated debate among historians, and the people call him “the king of the Russian detective action movie”, “objective science fiction” and even “Russian Conan Doyle”.

Alexander Alexandrovich was born in Minusinsk, according to him, he was a bully and a bad pupil, he did not receive higher education, but he was always diligently engaged in self-education - he read a huge number of books and, as a result, became a man of encyclopedic knowledge. He worked as a postman, loader, insurance agent, collaborated with the Khakass Drama Theater and even was an adviser to the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory A. I. Lebed. The author began writing in the late 70s, the reader saw the first story of Bushkov in 1981, and five years later his first book was published. By 2003, there were 37 books, many of which were published in million copies. The incredible commercial success did not bother Alexander Alexandrovich, he just continued to write, surprise, and amaze. While remaining in the shade.

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