Megaliths of Krasnoyarsk Region

The topic is controversial, but still. There are such researchers of the alternative history of mankind and ufologists who suggest that earlier civilization on our planet was more developed than now. And they find confirmation of this everywhere. For example, in natural objects called megaliths. Megaliths are ancient stone structures or phistoric monuments, psumably of a cult character, which are buildings of huge unprocessed or semi-processed stone blocks found in different parts of the world. They also exist on the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

And here is a list of supposedly “artificially created” objects that we consider to be creations of nature:

Black hill in Krasnoyarsk;
all syenite remains in the Stolby nature reserve;
Mount Karatag in the Sharypovsky district;
Kotuykan river canyon in Taimyr;
Pillars along the banks of the river Podkamennaya Tunguska;
Kuturchinsky Belogorye in Partizansky district;
Koisk Belogorye in the same Partizansky district;
Topolsky rocks, Dzerzhinsky district;
Stone Town, Ergaki Natural Park;
Stone city in the Karatuz region;
White Mountain or Magan Pyramid, Svishchevo village, Krasnoyarsk;
areas of the Anabar plateau and Putorana plateau, Taimyr Peninsula.

There are probably many more such mysterious places in the region, and we will be grateful if
you share your discoveries with us!

Photo by Sergey Filinin

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