The Lost City on the Kuturshibinsky Ridge

In the summer of 2013, in the area of the Kuturshibinsky ridge, where there are no settlements, and tourists are also extremely rare guests here, scientists discovered stone man made structures, or rather, what was left of them. They are located on two hectares of the southern slope of the ridge that separates Tuva and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Perhaps, here once upon a time there was not just a city, but a certain sacred center of the Western Sayan, a mountain temple of ancient people.

The most interesting thing is that the complex is located on a tectonic fault, the maximum electromagnetic pulses were recorded in the places of passages between the stone calculations. And there are two types of them: from a slate flagstone lying flat or on an edge, and from processed plates. Moreover, different structures have different dating. According to researchers, one is about 5 thousand years old, and the other is only about a thousand.

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