Mysteries of Scythian jewelers

Looking at these artful gold items found in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and in the territory of Tuva, it is very difficult to believe that they were made in the 1st millennium BC. manually by Scythians, who, according to scientists, did not build cities, but led a nomadic lifestyle. But the same scientists claim that the Scythian civilization was extremely powerful, as evidenced by the huge funerary complexes, reaching 5 meters in height and more than 100 meters in diameter. So the question is: what's the catch?! In order to create gold jewelry of such highest quality, it is necessary, at a minimum, to mine, process, have some workshops and jewelry artels ... Even more bewilderment arises when considering the technological uniforms of Siberian Scythian warriors ... Or are there also nomadic metalworking factories ?!
Photo from the collection of the National Museum of the Republic of Tyva and the Siberian Collection of Peter I in the Hermitage.

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