Funny toponyms of the Krasnoyarsk region

Let's laugh a little at the names of some places in the Krasnoyarsk region. Must say that the explorers of Siberia and cartographers had a great sense of humor :) There is literal translation in brackets.

■ KOSYE LOZHKY ("skew spoons") — the last syllabus is stressed, so a word "lozhok" means a little gully, not spoon. (Sharypovo district)
■ YAGA — Baba Yaga is a famous witch in Russian folklore. It's interesting, how many witches live in this village?! (Uzhur district)
■ NEDOKURA ("not finishing the cigarette") — it's a pity that there is novillage Perekura ("smoke break") (Kezhem district) 
■ ANASH ("ours") — may be, residents of the village proudly say "Our Anash!" (Novoselovo district)
■ TAINA ("secret")— there is no mystery: the village is named after a river.  In ancient Ket a word «тай» (tai) means «cold, frozen», a word «на» (na) means «river», but we don't really like this version. (Kansk district)
■ SHUTOCHKINO ("joking") —  are they always kidding?! (Birilyussky district)
■ROSSIYKA ("Russia")  — a little version of Russia is located in Bolshemurtinsky district, if you're interested.
■ RESHAUSHIY ("crucial") — so it's obvious what village is the main. (Motyginsky district)
■ KOZULKA (booger)— especially funny when it's pronounced with a serious voice in trains. (Kozulka district)
■ MINDERLA— the residents of the district usually answer on the question "where?"-"in Minderla" ("gde? – v Minderle", there is a rhyme and it makes it funny) if they are lazy to tell their location. (Suhobuzimo district)
■ SHALOBOLINO ("liar")— nobody will believe if you say that you're from here (Kuraginsky district)
■ COMA — and not far from Coma there is a village Chernaya coma (Black coma). (Novoselovo district)
■ BOLSHOY TELEK ("big TV") – there is nothing to do with small TVs. (Idrinsky district)
■ ZAPASNOY IMBEZH ("spare Imbezh") – we have no idea where is the main Imbezh and what Imbezh is. (Partizansky district)
Resource: and «Our Krasnoyarsk region» newspaper.
Photo: Mikhail Vershinin 

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