Traditional Siberian drinks

According to a famous song in St. Petersburg we drink. And in Siberia then - we drink and drink... There are so many different kinds of beverages on the lands of Krasnoyarsk region, non-alcoholic and... In this post, we tried to collect those drinks that every self-respecting tourist should try! So let's go:

Pine nut milkis a very healthy and extremely nutritious drink made of dried and grated pine nut kernels with some water. Local superfood!

Barrel and homemade kvassis a non-alcoholic drink made during fermentation of a mixture of rye or barley malt, rye flour or bread diluted with water, sometimes with some other plant products and sugar.

Sbitenis a soft drink made of water, honey, spices and medicinal herbs. Tasty hot.

Herbal teais an infusion of thyme, filipendula, St. John's wort, willow herb, oregano, bergenia, lemon balm, currant or raspberry leaves, sweet clover, sagan-dail, rosehips or other herbs.

Morse is a refreshing beverage, brewed of a mixture of water and berries (cranberries, raspberries, cherries, cranberries and sea buckthorn) with honey or sugar.

Black tea with milk is a favorite drink of Siberians since the first tea deliveries from China and Central Asia. Various drinks were also made of tea: "zaturan' - with salt, milk and flour fried in oil; "khurchu" - with crushed wheat grains.

Medovuha (mead) is a low-alcohol (5-10%) drink made of fermenting honey. Depending on the recipe, in addition to water, yeast, hops, fruits, spices and herbs can also be added to the composition.

Nalivka (liqueur) is a sweet, thick, aged alcoholic beverage that is most often produced with ripe fruits and berries. It also contains an alcohol base and sugar. Various spices and herbs, such as sorrel, can be added.

Nastoika (tincture) is an alcoholic drink created with vodka, alcohol or samogon (moonshine), aged on herbs, flowers, roots, fruits that have great medicinal value. Sugar is also added, but in less significant quantities than in the nalivka.

Samogon (moonshine) is a strong alcoholic drink created by distilling mash through a home apparatus. Braga is made of the fermentation of sugar syrup, saccharified cereals, potatoes, beets, fruits and berries.

So let's drink to love! ❤


Photo: Vladislav Gontar

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