Sulomayskie pillars

Sulomayskie pillars - a famous natural monument located on the territory of the Evenkiya. The people call this monument «cheeks». This is a narrow half-kilometer canyon on the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, the steep slopes of which are vertical pillars of intricate basalt rocks from 30 to 80 meters high.

Some rocks resemble human figures; the locals named them «Grandmother», «Mother», «Grandfather», «Granddaughter», etc. There is a legend that during the war in these places a family died from hunger, and since then there have been rocks that resemble human figures.

Since 1985, this area has been a natural monument, the origin of which is explained by weathering and erosion. But despite the scientific explanation, the pillars on the Podkamennaya Tunguska still look like a miracle in the middle of the taiga.

Object coordinates: 61°42'43" N 91°28'22" E

Photo: Kirill Uyutnov

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