Family Cheese Factories

Not only in Italy and France you can buy really tasty, fresh and high-quality cheese, but also in Siberia, in the center and in the outback. In this article, we will share with you the contacts of 3 cheese makers, so you can see for yourself!

► In the village of Sizaya, Shushensky district, a family cheese factory "Pomest'e Predgornoye" has recently appeared. All cheeses here are made only from natural rustic unpasteurized milk, without any flavorings, substitutes or pservatives. Production volumes are small, so you can try and buy homemade Skamortsa, Feta, Mozzarella, Belper Knolle and Edamer only in the village on 114 Lenina St. Delivery to Abakan also works. Website:

► On the 21st kilometer of the Yenisei tract near Krasnoyarsk, an eco-farm with the funny name "Kosa-Dereza" is flourishing. A Farmer's Shop has been working here since 9 am, where you can buy natural cheeses of production from the milk of local goats and cows grown in care and love. Tip: Be sure to try the brandy Drunk Goat Cheese. You can order cheese and other farm products at home by phone at 8 960 769 9793. Website:

► In Krasnoyarsk there is also a family cheese factory, it is called "Fratelli". Here, the freshest cheeses are ppared and sold according to traditional Italian recipes: "Strachatella", "Brie", "Belleza", "Gorgonzolla", "Caccotta", "Buratta" and others. The city has two stores open: on 64 Ada Lebedeva St. and on 5 78 Dobrovolcheskoy brigady St. Hours: from 10.00 to 20.00. You can arrange home delivery on the website

We wish everyone to be like cheese in butter!

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