The village of Sukhobuzimskoye and its surroundings

Sukhobuzimskoe is a village, the administrative center of the Sukhobuzimsky district of the Krasnoyarsk region. Sukhobuzimskoye is located 61 kilometers north of the regional center, and the population of the village is 4293 people. The village was founded in 1710 at the confluence of the Sukhoi Buzim and Bolshoi Buzim.

It is noteworthy that this particular village is famous for its special attitude to Russian traditions and it has been hosting the regional Maslenitsa on a grand scale  for 10 years now, where you can taste Maslenitsa treats, buy memorable souvenirs and have fun.

Distance from Krasnoyarsk: 70 km

Travel time (round trip): 2 hours 20 minutes

Difficulty level: •

Things to do?

Visit the farm "Koza-Dereza"
● Arrange a photo session in a rapeseed or wheat field
Walk through the pine forest and see Lake Buzim at
the recreation center of the same name
● Visit the Sukhobuzimsky Regional Museum of Local Lore (Kalinin St., 9A), where the life of the indigenous inhabitants of the village and the life of the Russian artist  Surikov, who lived with his family  in his childhood in Sukhobuzimsky. Paid entry
Take part in an excursion from the only woman ataman in Russia
See the former Trinity Church - an example of the "Yenisei school" of Siberian architecture of the 18th century
Look at the house of the merchant and philanthropist Sedelnikov on Komsomolskaya, 20
Visit the festival of folk culture
"Siberian Maslenitsa"

Where to have a snack?

- You can take sandwiches and drinks with you.
- Cafe "U Petrovicha": 39 km of the Krasnoyarsk - Yeniseisk highway. Here you can taste homemade soups: borscht, kharcho, hodgepodge, or try hot barbecue
- Cafe "Otdyh": Sukhobuzimskoe village, st. Komsomolskaya, 33. Here you will be served dumplings, steamed manti and fast food.

How to get there?

Option number 1: car

You need to go along the Krasnoyarsk - Yeniseysk highway (P409 "Yeniseysky tract") till Sukhobuzimskoye village, according to the signs, and in the village itself heading for the street. Kalinin. there is a farm "Koza-Dereza" on the way to Sukhobuzimskoe: Yenisei tract 21 km, 1.

If you are planning to visit the recreation center "Buzim" at the address: vil. Buzim, st. Shkolnaya, you need to move along the P409 highway for about 38.6 km and then turn right and move to your destination. * Paid entry

Option number 2: bus

 Choose convenient departure time on the site of  Krasnoyarsk Bus station. The cost of the trip is from 163 rubles. One way travel time is 1 hour 10 minutes.

Option number 3: Bla-Bla-Car ride - sharing service

Turning to this option, you need to take into account that drivers are different and the condition of the cars is also not checked by anyone. But if you do decide to go using this service, it is available to download in the App Store and Google Play mobile stores. The cost of the trip is set by the driver himself.

Photo: Dmitry Murashkin

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