Hiking routes in the suburbs of Krasnoyarsk

Not sure how to spend your day off? Then here are 5 picturesque hiking trails in the suburbs of Krasnoyarsk!

► Manskaya loop. You get from Krasnoyarsk to the village of Ust-Mana along the highway, in front of the village turn left. Drive to the village of Mansky, then along the Krasnoyarskaya st. and Solnechnaya st. ride until the road runs into a dead end. Further - you walk for half an hour along Mana on a cobbled path. And then up, up and up again. The climb is very steep and difficult. You can reach the middle - there is a bench made of logs, which offers a gorgeous view. On Google Map: goo.gl/maps/7K8tFJ5bNo62
► Divnogorsk vidovka. Having crossed the bridge over the Yenisei River, which is located near the hydroelectric power station, we turn right and leave the car in front of the Bolshaya Listvyanka River. Then the ascent to the mountains by ravine begins. It’s not very far to go to the vidovka; most of the trail runs along the Malaya Listvyanka stream. At the end of the road you will find an excellent view of Divnogorsk and the hydroelectric power station. On the Google map: goo.gl/maps/ENLyd8vSLGH2

► Black hills. You reach the village of Lukino, before entering which there is a turn to the right, drive through the field and throw the car on a forest road, further 5 km on foot up. At the top, be careful, there is loose rock everywhere, but the view on Krasnoyarsk is fantastic. On google map: goo.gl/maps/18oLYB7ESbD2
► Vidovka over the hydroelectric power station. You reach the bridge, which is located near the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station (from the side of Krasnoyarsk). Directly opposite the bridge you will see the road going to the left to the holiday village. You reach it and there you find a path uphill. In places, the climb is very steep, but the most hardy ones will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the bay Shumikha, hydroelectric power station and the Yenisei.
► Torgashinsky ridge. The route starts from the Krasnoyarsk ski base "Berezka", which is located on the Sayanskaya St., 7. Then you leave the car and go up, going around summer houses and overcoming a steep climb, and finally you are in the ancient place of the power of shamans and the whole city is visible from here! By the way, the Krasnoyarsk Hiking application developed several excellent routes along the ridge. On google map: goo.gl/maps/49t684q3zgu

Have a great trip!
Photo: Sergey Filinin, Irina Brester and @gelyaangelina.

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