Monument to the founders of Yeniseisk

In November 2017, a monument to the founders of the city was erected in the city of Yeniseisk.
The composition of three bronze figures was made according to the sketch of the Krasnoyarsk sculptor Konstantin Zinich. These are the three pioneers of the Yenisei land. The figure on the left is the boyar son Pyotr Albychev: in his hands he holds the tsar’s decree on the development of Eastern Siberia and the foundation of the Yenisei prison. The figure on the right is the archery centurion Cherkas Rukin: his sword symbolizes strength, dignity and supme justice. In the center of the composition is the monk Timofey, who personifies the Orthodox spirituality of the Yenisei land. All three are real people. Each of them made a great contribution to the development of the Yenisei province and the whole of Eastern Siberia.

Photo: Andrey Schetinin

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