Monument to Andrei Pozdeev

First of all, Krasnoyarsk is known for its talented natives, who brought glory not only to their hometown, but to all of Siberia. One of them is the talented Siberian artist Andrei Pozdeev, in honor of whom a monument on Mira Avenue was erected in 2000. The authors of the project were the architect Mikhail Merkulov and the sculptor Yuri Zloty. Yuri, in turn, was personally acquainted with the artist, so the monument turned out to be surprisingly “alive” - the sculpture seems to convey the character of Andrei Pozdeev. Since the monument to Andrei Pozdeev was erected next to the Pedagogical University, superstitious students came up with their permanent tradition: if you rub the nose of Andrei Pozdeev, then the exams will be surely successful.

Photo:, from the archive of the OK group: From Korea to Karelia 

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