Shipbuilding Craftsman

In the village of Balakhton of the Kozulsky district, an amazing self-taught craftsman Anatoly Osnovin lives. Having once visited a ship modeling workshop, Anatoly was inspired by this hobby for his whole life.

There are warships, submarines, cruisers, ships in the arsenal of the craftsman. The usual tin cans are the material for the manufacture of marine vessels, but in the skillful hands of the craftsman they turn into malleable material, from which a real masterpiece is obtained. One of the most complex models contains 20 thousand parts. It took five and a half years to make it. And this is not surprising considering that the crafftsman made 4 months for 60 miniature cannons for one of the vessels.

Over time, Anatoly got another hobby, the artistic wood engraving. In his collection appeared caskets, clock and even a steam locomotive with wagons. All products are decorated with openwork wooden "lace" using the technique of slotted wood carving.

You can go to the craftsman’s house like a museum. Each ship is signed and decorated in a special plastic transparent box. In each room you can see carved wooden objects, ranging from photo frames to lampshade.

Amazing creations of the craftsman periodically take part in exhibitions, competitions of district and regional levels.

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