Police Attributes Collector

Someone in their childhood had an album with stamps, some had chewing gum inserts, but others retained a passion for collecting in adulthood.

Vyacheslav Kushnirov was born in the settlement of Mostovskoye in the Bolshemurtinsky district. After serving in the army, he joined the police. He went from an ordinary policeman to the head of the police department of the Bolshemurtinsky district, then he retired.

The collection "Law enforcement agencies and the police of all countries of times and peoples" was created in 1994. Its expansion was facilitated by trips to Germany and the United States. Among collectors, the collection of police hats and sleeve insignia of Vyacheslav Kushnirov is considered one of the best in Siberia. Vyacheslav held exhibitions at the Museum of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Krasnoyarsk Region and the Siberia International Exhibition Center. The collection is replenished as a result of the exchange of exhibits with other collectors from around the world.

In addition, Vyacheslav actively collaborates with the Bolshemurtinsky Museum of Local Lore. He participates in the creation of exhibitions, excursions and events, runs the museum club "Numismatist". Some people even call him a freelance museum employee.

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