Mysterious Koiskoe Belogorye

The Krasnoyarsk Territory is fraught with many mysteries, and one of them is the Koiskoe Belogorye - a mountain range located in the remote taiga of the Partizansky district, not far from the Kuturchinskoe Belogorye. What is the mystery, one may ask? And the fact that some researchers consider that the Koi remnants, like the Kuturchinsky ones were artificially created.

And they find confirmation of their hypothesis in the unusually regular shape of the stones from which the rocks are stacked, as well as the skillful combination of different rock formations. You can be amazed at the photo by a very strange masonry - we made a selection specially for you.

On Youtube you will find several films about expeditions to the Koiskoy Belogorye, in which you can personally see the finds of these independent researchers. They believe that once upon a time it was not rocks, but the buildings of ancient civilizations, whose technical development was much higher than ours, but because of an unknown cataclysm or war, these civilizations were destroyed.
Researchers include Stone Cities in the Ergaki Nature Park and the Karatuzsky District, the Seven Brothers rocks in the Kuraginsky District, Mount Karatag, Topolsky Rocks in the Dzerzhinsky District and, surprisingly, Krasnoyarsk Pillars.

The authors of the photo are unfortunately unknown to us.

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