How the Kezhmar soul sings

Kezhemars Angars, descendants of the first Russian settlers of Kezhemskoy volost, and now Kezhemsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, didn’t go anywhere without a song! If the Angars were walking on holidays or on another occasion, they did not ask: "How did you take a walk?" They asked: "Did you sing songs?" It was believed that without a song, partying failed. And if they walked well, they said: "The opening happened" This phrase may seem strange, but its meaning for the soul is understandable:)

The Angars have a special song tradition, which has its own differences not only in the Kezhemsky district, but even in one village. This is a peculiar, complex manner of performing songs. What’s more, Kezhmar have a tradition of funeral songs, because they did not burry on the Hangar with crying, traditional for Russia, but with songs. It is hard to say where this tradition came from, but it also survived the Soviet era. When the outflow of the population from the region began in the post-war period, for example, the Angars, who moved to Krasnoyarsk and lived here for thirty to forty years, remained true to their tradition and buried in Angarsk, with songs. That’s what our original countrymen are!


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