Eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva "

Aim: creation of a comfortable sports and tourist zone within the city in a forest landscape, without harming nature.

● Creation of an eco-park with visit centers for the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 as an entrance group to the sports clusters " Sopka" and " Raduga".

● Creation of a new culture of public spaces in Siberia. Our philosophy is free, comfortable for people, no harm to nature.
● Opening of the second part of the park. Expansion of the park in the direction to the forest to make a tourist zone for long hikes, hiking, and to improve the marked tracks that have historically formed in this place. Creation of comfortable places for tourists on these routes - benches, gazebos, observation platforms, camping sites.
● Service and maintenance of the park.

Eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva" is a picturesque forest landscape and at the same time a comfortable and safe place for Krasnoyarsk residents, located within the city. Clean forest, fresh air and expssive natural relief have always attracted fans of walking and outdoor sports. In 2018, redevelopment began: walking and bike paths, sports complexes, playgrounds appeared here - everything is organically compatible with the existing landscape and does not violate the visitors' routes. The transformation started in the part of the park from the Sopka bus stop to the Winter Sports Academy. The updated part of the park was opened to everyone  in October 2018. And in January 2020, the improvement of the tourist part of the Gremyachaya Mane was completed. More than 60 kilometers of tracks have historically formed in this place; and the TRP trail (42 km) passes there. We have built comfortable places for tourists to rest on these routes - benches, gazebos, camping and observation platforms.

Improvement of the Gremyachaya Griva continues - every year new recreation and photo-location places appear on the territory. Our eco-park is rightfully considered one of the residents’ favourite sports and tourist areas.

The uniqueness of the project: this is a forest zone within the city where you can safely and comfortably walk any time of the year. All the conditions have been created for this: several entrance groups have been formed, the zones are equipped with parking lots, visitor centers, public toilets with locker rooms and facilities for mothers and children. In the park's visitor centers, visitors can get detailed information from the administrators, take a free card, warm up (in winter), charge the phone, have a snack (if they have taken food with them), and also leave things in convenient lockers for free. People ride bicycles, rollerblades, do Nordic walking, and in winter there is a ski track. The territory of the park is illuminated in the evening, equipped with a " Safe City" video surveillance system, and is daily patrolled by the police. The circular route in the park area is about 5 km, along which there are sports complexes for work-out. Pedestrian paths are designed for walking, 11 playgrounds are installed along them, none of which is repeated. The distance between the visitor centers is 2 km, and a long hike can take 1-2 days. There is also educational navigation for children and adults, with facts not from Wikipedia, but created and written by the park's team. On the way of the tourist there is a geological museum, where various samples of rocks are psented, and an eco-pavilion - a constructive wooden amphitheater for yoga classes and outdoor concerts. Mass events are also held in the park: races, family master classes, in autumn - World Tourism Day. Pages in social networks are actively developed, especially an account on Instagram (14,000 subscribers). The improvement of the park continues - new recreation and photo-location sites appear on the territory. The park is open seven days a week. The park has an important function - it unloads the tourist flow from the main attraction of the city, the national park Krasnoyarsk Stolby, reducing the anthropogenic factor.

Time of implementation:
from 2019

►Presentation of the Krasnoyarsk Eco-Park "Gremyachaya Griva"

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