Gremyachaya Griva Eco-park

Eco-park "Gremyachaya Griva" is a unique forest landscape and at the same time a comfortable and safe resting place of Krasnoyarsk residents located within the city.

Clean forest, fresh air and expssive natural relief have always attracted fans of walks and sports. In 2018, landscaping began: now there are walking paths, bike paths, sports pavilions, playgrounds - everything is ecologically integrated into the existing landscape and does not violate the natural trajectories of visitors' routes.

In the coming years, the entire territory of the park will be landscaped - about 300 hectares, so that very soon the "Gremyachaya griva" will become the central sports and tourist zone of Krasnoyarsk.

► The eco-park map can be downloaded here and here.

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