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Do you want to ride a bike, but you are already tired of Tatyshev Island and the waterfront, and the thirst for new achievements is insatiable? Then here are 5 non-standard routes that are worth conquering on a bike:

Chernaya Sopka is one of thehighest points in the outskirts of Krasnoyarsk.
An extinct volcano, shrouded in legends and striking with the beauty of the views! The best, in our opinion, route is Krasnoyarsk - Kuznetsovo village - Lukino - Black Sopka - about 30 km one way. On the way back, you can go directly to Kuznetsovo or continue your journey along the Torgashinsky ridge.

Torgashinsky ridge - beautiful mountains on the right bank of the Yenisei.
The best check-in is through the Berezka ski base, from the side of Meditsinskiy lane. Not everyone will be able to overcome the uphill cycling, but the descent will be quick.  There is a beautiful view of the Bazaikha river valley, Takmak rock, Yenisei and the city of Krasnoyarsk from above. The most interesting points of the route are Arka and Propast rocks. The distance from the Philharmonic is about 15-20 km one way.

Drokinskaya Mountain is another volcano mountain.
Located at the exit from Krasnoyarsk towards the airport. Nearby there are many interesting paths and roads, a track for survival racing and motocross. There is also a beautiful meadow on the banks of the Kacha River, where you can just sit and relax. The mountain itself offers a view of Krasnoyarsk and its surroundings. Distance from the city center is about 15 km.

Krasnoyarsk - Udachny - Borovoe - Minzhul - Krasnoyarsk.
The route is on the left side of the Yenisei bank! Ascents and descents are guaranteed throughout the entire route. But you will be rewarded with the opening views, the coolness of the Yenisei and the Berkut rock hanging over you, from which stones are constantly breaking off. You will also drive past the Karaulnaya Cave. There are many springs along the route. The distance from the Philharmonic square to Minzhul is 35-40 km.

TRP trail is a route passing through the main vidovki of Gremyachaya Griva.
The beauty is extraordinary: the road overlooks the Yenisei, Krasnoyarsk, the Udachny village and the Stolby National Park! At the car park of the Biathlon Academy you can find a detailed map with a description of the route! Distance: Philharmonic - Biathlon Academy - 10-12 km, the length of the path itself is about 20 km.

Note: take care of yourself, most routes require good physical training. Please ride in compliance with the traffic rules, wearing a helmet with elbow / knee protectors.

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Published: Sunday, 19 July 2020

Published: 19.07.2020
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