Bishop's house in Krasnoyarsk

One of the most beautiful old buildings of Krasnoyarsk - the Bishop’s House, which is right in the center of the city on Gorkogo Street 27, was built in 1890. These walls survived a lot - the heyday of the Yenisei diocese (was founded in 1861 by Archbishop Nicodemus) and its decline - after the October revolution. After 1917 all types of organizations were placed here - registry office, and the orphanage, and numerous medical institutions - emergency room, hospital, tuberculosis and cancer dispensaries.

In the 90s of the XX century, after the building was returned to the church department, the long- standing history of the restoration of the Bishop’s house according to p revolutionary drawings began - authentic domes and crosses were installed on the roof of the house church - the Church of Ioanna Predtechi, the altar was painted, and the pmises were renovated. Many priests and ordinary citizens worked here with enthusiasm, for the glory of God, and their efforts were not in vain - now the building of the Bishop’s House is an adornment of the city and the region, its history and pride.

If you approach the building from the side of Prospect Mira, you will see another highlight of this place - a square with a monument to St. Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky). During the Great Patriotic War, the exiled bishop-surgeon worked in the evacuation hospital of Krasnoyarsk (now in that building there is a secondary school No. 10) and saved many lives. Citizens honor the memory of the saint and lay flowers all year round on the pedestal of the monument.

NB! When you go to the Church of Ioanna Predtechi on the left side of the building, be sure to pay attention to the pserved fresco of the original painting of the church, discovered during the years of its restoration - two angels holding the icon of the Holy Savior in hands - directly above the altar.

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How to get there:
The bus stops are “Gorky Street” (on Mira Prospect), “Surikov Square” (on Lenin St.) and “Organ Hall” (on K. Marks St.).

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