25 words from the vocabulary of Angarsk natives

Do you know that there are unique people living in the Kezhemsky district of the Krasnoyarsk region – Angars, Siberian old-timers?! They are the descendants of the first Russians who settled in Siberia since the 16th-17th centuries. The culture of the Angars united the Evenk and the North Russian cultures and created its original Angara dialect, the language of the Kezhmari. Here are some funny words from the dictionary of the native Angarsk:
● ашшаУльник (ashaUl'nik) – a scoffer, a rake, an insolent person
● бЫгать (bYgat') – to dry in the wind, air 
● возгудАть (vozgudAt') – to sing loudly 
● голоУшем (goloUshem) – without a hat 
● дотУль (dotUl') – to there, that place 
● евОнде (evOnde) – over there 
● жИмолость (zhImolost') – tight-fisted
● зимУся (zimUsya) – last winter 
● Издива (Izdiva) – to be surprised 
● каковЕть (kakovEt') – to harden
● лЕтось (lEtos') – last summer 
● малЕнье (malEn'e) – pleasure, beauty 
● наджАбить (nadzhAbit') – to break, to damage 
● панафИдница (panafIdniza) – a slow and sleepy woman 
● рукотЁрник (rukotErnik) – a towel
● сбутетенИть (sbutetenIt') – mix liquids 
● табунИться (tabunIt'sya) – to crowd
● ушОмкать (ushOmkat') – to calm 
● фрЯкать (frYAkat') – to be squeamish
● хлопУша (khlopUsha) – a liar
● целИк (celIk) – unbeaten track 
● черОшное радио (cherOshnoe radio) – gossips
● шумАркать (shumArkat') – to resist, to protest 
● юрО (urO) – a school of fish 
● Ядь (Yad') – a spiteful person
Photo: Sergei Filinin 

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