Winter in Ergaki Nature Park

Winter in Ergaki Nature Park


The Ergaki Nature Park is popular among tourists from all over Russia: you can go to a light trip to the mountains of the Western Sayans with family, invite a united company of friends for skiing or snowboarding or just enjoy the mountain air and ringing silence of taiga.

Winter season in Ergaki starts in the beginning of November. We’ve ppared a list of places of the nature park, where you can comfortably spend your time. You will do want to come back!


Ergaki Recreation Centre


The recreation centre is situated in a picturesque place of the Ergaki Nature Park: pine taiga, magnificent mountains with different elevation levels, crystal brooks and rivers – this is the picturesque corner of Western Sayan.

For accommodation of the guests there are separately located houses, cottages, a townhouse, three hotel type buildings and three comfortable hotels.    

The territory of the base includes a SPA-complex where you can totally relax after a full day. A baby care room with a baby-sitter works every day. There are spacious gazebos for barbeque, wood-fired grills.


605 km along motorway Р-25, Abakan-Kyzyl direction.
Telephone: 8 (800) 707 6270 (free call in the territory of Russia)


Peak Zvyozdny Sports and Tourist Complex The complex offers guests accommodation in the hotel buildings. There are specially equipped barbeque zones and gazebos in the territory. A Russian bath, a hammam and a swimming pool are to the guests’ services.  A winter equipment rental store works in the territory as well.  


614 km along motorway Р-257

2,5 km along gravel road
Telephone: +7 (950) 304 00 55


Snezhnaya Recreation Centre


The hotel complex and its own Alpine skiing slope with the length of 1 500 meters and 450 meters elevation is located in the centre’s territory. The slope is served by a towrope way 1250 meters long. For the beginners there is an opportunity to go up by snowmobile.


611 km along motorway Р-257.
Telephone: +7 (908) 327-29-30, +7 (902) 996-87-73


Gornaya Oya Recreation Centre


The tourists complex Gornaya Oya is situated in a picturesque place at the bank of Oyskoye lake. Here you can get into the world of fresh air and unite with nature, go for a walk or make an excursion trip to the Stone Town or Hanging Stone. In winter there is an opportunity for skiing or sledding.  


609 km along motorway P-257.


Telephone: +7 (950) 965 0044


Khozyain Taigi Park Hotel


The park hotel is situated at the very beginning of the most popular routes in the Ergaki Nature Park. You can make a trip to the Hanging Stone, Tushkanchik mountain, Raduzhnoye lake, Artists’ pass, Svetloye lake and waterfalls.

In the territory there are four hotel buildings with rooms of different categories.  There is a bath complex and a snowmobiles and skiing equipment rental store. 


614 km along motorway Р-257.
Telephone: +7 (963) 201 6545



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