Residents of the region are invited to support the project of the tourist cluster ‘Zamanie’

We invite the residents of the Krasnoyarsk Krai to support the initiative to create a tourist and recreational cluster in the Mansky District, including the natural monuments ‘Bolshaya Oreshnaya Cave’ and ‘Badzheyskaya Cave’. To support it is necessary to register on the website of the federal Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the ‘Geography’ section and like the project of creating the TRC ‘Zamanie’.
The ‘Zamanie’ cluster originates in the village of Narva. It is planned to organize basic accommodation facilities on the territory of the village, develop roadside services - the Chronicles of Narvia sub-cluster.
One of the main tourist elements of the projected cluster are the world's largest caves in the conglomerates Bolshaya Oreshnaya, Badzheyskaya and others - the sub-cluster ‘Complex of caves ‘Bolshaya Oreshnaya’.  It is planned to organize the infrastructure necessary for the development of tourism, including tourist information centers, as well as the creation of a training and vocational guidance center for future workers in the tourism industry on the basis of the Oreshenskaya school.
The highest mountain in the region, Argydzhek, popular among free-riders and tourists, will become the basis of another sub-cluster. It is planned to locate a corporate educational center with a ski resort at an altitude of 1523 m
Transport logistics on the territory of the Zamanye shopping and entertainment complex runs along the Sayany highway of regional significance, which will become the main transport artery connecting the southern and eastern regions and our neighboring regions of Tyva and Khakassia with Krasnoyarsk.
The territory of the cluster is also the cultural heritage of the Mansky district.  The film ‘The Master of the Taiga’ was filmed here with Vladimir Vysotsky and Valery Zolotukhin in the lead roles, and today the festival of author's songs and poetry ‘Vysotsky and Siberia’ is held, which gathers up to 5000 people. This year, due to the pandemic, the festival was held online on the высоцкийсибирь.рф. website.
These and other development projects of the Mansky District will allow the territory to take its rightful place in the economy of Yenisey Siberia
Details about the initiative to create the ‘Zamanie’ shopping and entertainment complex can be found by calling (391) 2933-233.

Photo: AVE, sky_vasilyeva 

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