The Museum-Estate of Gennady Vasilyevich Yudin is a museum, a humanitarian platform and the only merchant dacha pserved in Krasnoyarsk on the banks of the Yenisei.

Today Yudinka is a modern public space where excursions for children and adults, various exhibitions, performances, concerts, interactive thematic classes and master classes are held.

There is always something interesting going on here: in the summer, free film screenings, concerts, readings of plays by modern playwrights and lectures are regularly organized on the backyard of the museum. Paid events for children and adults are pleasantly distinguished by their democratic price. In addition to cultural and educational events, in the museum you can celebrate your holiday - a birthday, graduation party, or conduct an on-site registration.

Distance from the center of Krasnoyarsk: 5 km

Travel time by car (round trip): 20 minutes

Travel time by bus (round trip): 60 minutes

Difficulty level: 
* The route is suitable for walking with children 5+

Things to do?

● Visit the only surviving merchant dacha in Krasnoyarsk on the banks of the Yenisei
● Take group and individual excursions
● Attend interactive classes
● Listen to a concert or see a performance
● Organize your holiday
● Watch a good movie
● Attend a master class
● Take part in a quest or listen to an exciting lecture

You can find out information about the cost of entrance tickets and the opening hours of the museum by phone: +7 (391) 221-14-44, as well as on the website: kkkm.ru

How to get there?

Option number 1: car

Find in "2GIS" the following address: st. Melkombinatskaya 2/1, click on the "Let's go" icon.

From the center of Krasnoyarsk move along the street Dubrovinsky about 3 km towards the Nikolaevsky bridge (4th bridge), then there is a sharp turn to the right, after which you must continue driving. When you pass under the bridge, you will see the sign “Yudin Museum-Estate"- turn right and move along the street Krasnoi Zvezdy. The parking is located near the museum stairs.

If you live on the right bank, it will be most convenient to drive a car across the fourth bridge to school number 73. You can park your car at the school gate and go to the ticket office.

Option number 2: bus

You can get the fastest and most direct route by bus # 36 from the center of Krasnoyarsk to your destination. The bus runs at the optimal frequency - every 10-15 minutes. You need "ZhD Bolnitca" stop which you can drive to in 30 minutes. After getting off at the bus stop, you need to walk another 600 meters to the street Melkombinatskaya 2/1 and you are there!

Option number 3: train

On a city or intercity train, you can get to the “ZhD Bolnitca” stop, cross the path and climb the hill by the stairs.

Option number 4: taxi

You can take a taxi to get to the Yudin Museum-Estate, or as it is called in the common people "Yudinka". A trip from the center of Krasnoyarsk will cost you around 140 rubles one way and take only 10 minutes.

What to take with you?
- camera;
- personal hygiene products;
- a snack.

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