It 's getting cold and it 's time to learn something new

We think the cold season needs to be spent effectively, therefore, we have collected several Krasnoyarsk schools for you, where you will be taught very necessary crafts in person, not online. Make yourself a gift for your soul and business! Probably, this is how you will find your purpose …who knows.
● Sculpt. You will learn how to make dishes, jewelry and décor from clay in the ‘Soul Workshop’ and in the pottery school ‘Kolokol’, where themed master classes are periodically held, so keep an eye on their feed.
● Drawing. It’s really cool to draw everyone. You will be taught art at the art school ‘Pozdeevka’. By the way, this school has a potter, paper plastic, felting, batik and lettering.
● We create on the computer. Adults are taught digital painting, graphic design and video editing at blitz courses at the ‘Tvori-Gora’ media school.
● We sew. Wearing clothes that no one else has is easy! It is enough to master the courses of cutting and sewing. For example, in sewing schools ‘Limma’, ‘Smartlekalo’ and ‘Loko studio’ (this school also has a knitting course).
● Cooking. You will be taught to cook like God in such culinary schools in Krasnoyarsk as ‘CookBook’ and ‘Ratatouille’.
● Taking pictures. So that the Instagram feed won’t be boring, you need to be able to correctly observe the composition and impss the viewer. All this you will learn in photography courses at the business school ‘Inoprof’ and photoschool ‘Picchu’ (the first lesson there for free, by the way).
● Sing and play. If you want to sound like a nightingale and even accompany yourself, then you go straight to ‘the Music Family’ school.
● We drive. Extreme. The Red Ring Race Track has a whole course for drivers who want to improve their skills and become cooler. You can study on your own car, or on a racing one.
In general, do not waste time in vain, because everyone knows that Learning is the eye of the mind 

Published: 03.11.2020
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