Hockey club "Sokol"

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, hockey started to develop actively in the 50s and 60s of the last century. But 1973 can be considered the new stage in the development of hockey, when the Sokol hockey club was formed at the Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant.

In 1977, the Sokol began performing in the second league of class “A” of the USSR Championship.
The first season for the Krasnoyarsk residents turned out to be not entirely successful, but after only a year the players regained their reputation and took the sixth place in the Vostok zone.

A year later, Sokol became the bronze medalist, and in the season 1980/1981 – silver medalist. The history of the Sokol hockey club developed in different ways - there were ups and downs, but the fact that it became history and glorified the hockey of our region is indisputable.

At the moment, the club is led by the master hockey, Alexander Nikolaevich Titov, the club is taking new frontiers and is training more and more talented young athletes.


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