XIII Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale

The XIII Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale will be held from September 5, 2019 to February 2, 2020. This is a unique festival of contemporary art that takes place in Krasnoyarsk twice a year. This time, the topic is "Negotiators" and "negotiations" will be on all sorts of topics between the Museum Center "Ploschad Mira" and urban communities - on the venue of the museum, outdoors, streets and squares, as well as in museums of the region.

The most ambitious exhibition project will be the work of the world famous Israeli-British sculptor Zadok Ben-David "People I have seen, but never met. " It consists of more than 3,000 small and 45 large metal figures of people, each person created from photographs taken by Ben David during his travels. The figures will stand on the light sand on the Platform of the Museum and will form a global portrait of humanity, coexisting only within the installation. In early June, the artist payed a research visit to the museum, during which he not only studied the space of the future exhibition, but also photographed passers-by on the streets - some of the photographs would turn into metal figures, so Krasnoyarsk residents would complement the work and travel around the world. Project curator - Sergey Kovalevsky, Krasnoyarsk.

A special feature of the upcoming biennale will be the
city program "Slow Motion", which allows every Krasnoyarsk citizen to take part in it. During a week in September, a tent station of an urban agency with architects and poets will work on Mira Street, various city squares, and even in "Stolby". It will be possible to communicate with experts and like-minded people on improving the urban space. In one of the yards of the city, objects of art will appear, created with residents of the nearest houses: social sculpture, a tea lantern-house, a student station and a street art project. In addition, the stars of the French street art group "1984", whose name refers to the George Orwell’s novel, will come to Krasnoyarsk. The curator of the city program is artist, architect and curator Bertrand Gosselin (France).

The museum center hopes to enter into negotiations with urban space and make the biennale an event that engages ordinary citizens. The Biennale will open on September 5, 2019, with a special
communication program including lectures, performances and shows. At the beginning of November, it is planned to create a play, directed by Yuri Kvyatkovsky (Moscow). Yuri Kvyatkovsky is a director, teacher at the Moscow Art Theater School (Dmitry Brusnikin's Workshop), one of the founders of the independent creative group Le Cirque de Sharles La Tannes.

The exhibition program of the Biennale will be devoted to the artistic rethinking of Siberian art, the study of the urban problems of the city, the problems of communication between contemporary art and man, and the local specifics of art. The Open Limits exhibition (invited curator - Vladimir Seleznev, Yekaterinburg) will bring together works by artists inspired by Krasnoyarsk, local architecture, the space of the former Lenin Museum, the unique history of the place or people with their Siberian character. Thus, local identity will become a resource for creating works. Among the artists are Irina Korina (Moscow), Andrey Syaylev (Samara), Dmitry Bulnygin (Moscow), Evgeny Gavrilov (Novosibirsk), Alena Tereshko (St. Petersburg), Gorod Ustinov (Izhevsk) and others.

The exhibition "After Pozdeev" (curated by Oksana Budulak and Sasha Semenova, Krasnoyarsk) will psent a study of the history of Krasnoyarsk art from 1993 to 2018. This is an attempt to summarize the artistic practices of Krasnoyarsk and psent a collection of their works in one exhibition. Among the participants are Oleg Ponomarev, Alexander Surikov, Viktor Sachivko, Vasily Slonov, Alexey Martins, Alexander Krasnov, Alexander Levchenko, Elena Likhatskaya and others.

The exhibition “Under the Mask. The Essence of Modernity” from the National Taiwan Museum of Art will also become a large project of the Biennale. . Krasnoyarsk residents will be able to see photographs of the best contemporary photographers in Taiwan. Curators: Junia Young (Taiwan), Andrey Martynov (Moscow), Sergey Kovalevsky (Krasnoyarsk).

Details: vk.com/krasnoyarskmuseumbiennale and on the website biennale.ru

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