Visit centre Serebryanniy Log opened its doors

On the 6th of February in Gremyachaya Griva Eco Park the third visit centre named Serebryanniy Log opened. This place will become one more entrance to the tourist part of the park where Krasnoyarsk residents and guests will be able to walk in the picturesque forest near the pond and get acquainted with culture and life of the people of Yenisey Siberia.   

The guests of the new venue can find walking paths of different complicity levels, boards with interesting facts about history of these places, a recreation zone with sunbeds near the pond, where you can stop at any season and enjoy the surrounding landscape, traditional dwellings of  the peoples of Yenisey Siberia – a reindeer skin tent and a felt tent, the detailed on which can be found at the web-site about travelling in Krasnoyarsk region Inside the visit centre visitors can have a bite and even taste Siberian herbal tea, learn more facts about Krasnoyarsk region, the Republics of Khakasia and Tyva in a small, but cozy library, buy souvenirs. Comfortable toilet rooms with a baby changing table, so even  the youngest guests are welcome here.

Visit centre Serebryanniy Log was created by the Agency for Tourism according to the initiative of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Uss:

«After the work realized by our specialists this place has got absolutely new outlines. An abandoned pond was here before, that’s why the idea to landscape this place appeared long ago.  Now this is not just an extra entrance to the Eco Park, this is an educational and exhibition venue, reflecting the face of Yenisey Siberia. I’m sincerely glad and thankful for the result achieved».

Visit centre Serebryanniy Log is glad to welcome guests daily from 9.00 to 19.00. You can get to the new entrance to the Eco Park Gremyachaya Grive by some ways. Going by car you should turn right after bus station Zhivopisnaya in Udachniy district  and go about 1 km straight  along the road. At the end of the route you will find a day-and-night parking. Going on foot start from the first visit centre near the SibFU in Svobodniy avenue (about 5 km to Serebryanniy Log) or from the second visit centre near the Biathlon Academy (about 3 km to the destination). The detailed route around this territory can be found at the web-site Krasnoyarsk Hiking.

And from February,17 (Friday) the excursions around Serebryanniy Log start. During them one can visit a reindeer skin tent and a felt tent, learn details of life of the indigenous peoples of the North and the South  of Yenisey Siberia from a guide, and then have a walk along the nearby paths and make beautiful photos for memory. The participation in this event is absolutely free. The main thing is not to forget to put on warm clothes, take some bite and a thermos with hot tea.  

Walks with an excursion guide will be held three times a week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00 to 16.00. You can get more details on the schedule and check-in for an excursion in the Vkontakte community Serebryanniy Log.


The new visit centre has got its name from Serebryanniy brook which flows in the ravine all year round and forms a pond. According to the legend, if you wash your face with the water from the spring, you will not face any grief and illness.  Moreover, if to believe to the legends, Russian soldiers who had started to inhabit the Yenisey banks, used to find real silver in the brook in Gremaychaya Griva.



Published: 16.02.2023
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