Vegetarian food

We honestly admit that vegetarian’s life in our area is not easy, but vegetarian people are smarter here, because every day they have to show ingenuity in order to somehow diversify their diet. And world trends do reach us, and in many Krasnoyarsk cafes not only vegetarian, but even vegan and raw food dishes are already appearing.

For example, in Krasnoyarsk, a vegetarian cafe “Rada” has been operating for a long time on Karatanova st., 17. Dishes here are very diverse and tasty, many of them according to traditional Indian recipes. Also, not far from the "Rada", on 21 Lenina St., there is a vegan "Veggy Cafe", not only an avid raw food eater will enjoy it, but also an ordinary meat eater - it is very fresh, original and juicy here. For an amazing and exclusively natural vegan ice cream according to the Italian recipe, hurry to 81 Mira prospect, in the cafe “Cremeria A.Roma”. Well, if you want sweets without leaving your home, here is a delivery of super-healthy desserts

There are vegetarian shops in the capital of the region, on the shelves of which you can even find wheat protein sausage:

  "Zhiva" store has 2 branches: in Krasnoyarsk in the Kvant shopping center on the balcony of the 1st floor, and in Zheleznogorsk in the Aleksandrovsky shopping center;

◉  "Yoger" store in Aviator shopping center on 5 Aviatorov St.;

◉ "" store on 134 Bograda St., (DK Kombaynostroiteley) and on the 7 Navigazionnoy St. Online store:;

◉ "Syroed" store is located in the TSUM shopping center in the basement. Online store: сыроед;

◉ "Compass Zdorovia" store for healthy people has branches in the city on 17 Partizana Zheleznyaka St., 1, 31 Lado Ketskhoveli St., and on 31a Pavlova St. Website:

Yummy photos are from Veggy Cafe.

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