Torgashinsky ridge

Torgashinsky ridge with good reason is considered one of the most popular tourist spots in the surroundings of Krasnoyarsk. From its peaks, one can discover an amazing panorama of the city.

The ridge is located on the southwestern outskirts of Krasnoyarsk, between the Yenisei and its right tributaries of the Bazaikha River, in the immediate surroundings of the eastern border of the Stolby reserve, and named after the village of Torgashino at its foot. Once it was a Cossack village, in which the mother of the famous artist Surikov was born - nee Torgashina.

Mountains start from Chernaya Sopka to the Pillars Nature Reserve. The picturesque rocks of the ridge appear red and red due to lichens. Here are karst caves, the most famous of which is Torgashinskaya.

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Photo: Sergey Filinin

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