Rock Perja (feathers) and its tracks

The Perja Rock in the Stolby National Park has several tracks. Stolbyists came up with such funny names for them, check them out:

Cucumber (Ogurec)
Pancake (Blinchik) or Women reel (Babskaya Katushka) as women chose this way up
Stand (Etagerka), and some stolbyists, resentful with its stubbornness, called him Cockroaches Bottom (Tarakan zadnica)
Elephant Ear
Shkuroder - people climb here only on a bet, but the descent is indescribable pleasure. There are no ledges or hooks, and climbers slide down, slowing down with their hands, feet and backs, as if trying to push apart the rock walls that form a crevice. The dare of sliding on the rock is complemented by the ominous squeaky rustle of clothes and shoes torn to holes. Tourists, watching from the ground these (actually quite safe) descents, often groan and clutch their hearts :)

Previously, the success of the conquest of the Stolby was ensured by bast shoes, which the Stolbists began to use as rock shoes in 1895. From time immemorial Siberians wore only leather boots and pima-felt boots, bast shoes could be bought cheaply from new settlers arriving from indigenous Russia. Later, the stolbists really liked galoshes.

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Video: Alexander Nerozya
Preview photo: Sergey Filinin

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