Origami genius

Sergei Tarasov is a school teacher from the village of Tigritskoye, Krasnoyarsk Territory, who amazed even origami ancestors, Chinese and Japanese, with his mastery of origami art. He managed to make huge models of Pokrovsky Cathedral and the Monastery of the Holy Savior out of paper.

Sergey Tarasov became interested in the creation of origami sculptures several years ago: initially he piled all kinds of animal figures from paper (rabbits, roosters, and even fantastic dragons), later he turned to more complex forms - trains and buildings appeared in his collection. Then the idea came up to create modular origami of famous buildings. In addition to Vasiliya Blazhennogo Cathedral, Sergey Tarasov’s creative piggy bank has a model of the Minusinsky Orthodox Svyato-Spassky Church.


The artist is not going to stop on what has been achieved, his plans are to create a model of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square!

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