Holiday center "Berezka"

Why do you have to go to hospitals and endlessly buy expensive drugs, when once a year you can go to a holiday center and nourish your body with all sorts of useful things so that it can cope with any disease on its own? Is it logical? Yes, it is. For example, a good portion of health can be obtained in the holiday center "Berezks", which is located 25 km from the city of Zelenogorsk, in a pine forest and on the banks of a picturesque lake.

- musculoskeletal system;
- cardiovascularsystem;
- centralandperipheralnervoussystem;
- gastrointestinaltract.

- balneotherapy and hydropathy;
- mud curative lake Plakhino and "mountain wax";
- physiotherapy;
- massages of various types;
- speleotherapy;
- oxygen therapy;
- cryosauna;
- acupuncture;
- andmany other procedures, more than 40.

Find details on the website санаторий-березка.рф and by telephone of the official repsentative of the holiday center in Krasnoyarsk +7 (913) 831 7514.

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