The earliest breakfasts in Krasnoyarsk

Larks, especially for you, we have collected the top 5 delicious establishments of the capital of the region, where breakfast is served before everyone else!

◆ From 8:00 in "Veggy Cafe" you can meet the new day with an unusual and very healthy breakfast: porridge with coconut milk, tofu cheesecakes and raspberry latte. Address: 21 Lenina St.

◆  From 7:00 to 11:00 in the “Pig and Beads” buffet with all the traditional breakfast features: hearty porridge, fried eggs, pancakes, toasts, sausages, coffee and many others for only 370 rubles. Address: 16a Krasnoy Armii St.

◆  From 7:00 to 11:00 in the Benedict coffee club, there are gorgeous breakfasts for 400 rubles. We strongly advise you to try Benedict eggs according to the company’s original recipe. Address: 10 Krasnoy Armii St.

◆  From 8:00 to 11:00 at «Green Villa Pizza» breakfast is served: egg scramble with stewed beef and oyster mushrooms with porcini gratin sauce or chia mousse in coconut milk with mango puree and pomegranate seeds ... Drooling already from these words, right? Address: SEC "Planet", 77 9th May St.

◆ From 7:30 in the "Academy of Coffee" you will find a combo breakfast for 250 rubles. It includes: porridge with fruits, coffee, fresh juice and a croissant. If you don’t like the standards, then you can put together your own morning menu. How do you like, for example, a sandwich with salmon, granola and orange raff, m? Address: 7 Mira prospect, or 147 Karla Marxa St.

We wish you a wonderful morning!

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