A unique person from the Siberian province

Let us introduce you to Anna Kolobova, a unique person from the Siberian province, composer and architect. Anna comes from a distant small village of Koshurnikovo, Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to her, she always keeps in her soul a love for the nature of Siberia, native places, because nature is a part of ourselves. Anna writes piano pieces in the neoclassical style, devoting them to the nature of her native land, dreaming of organizing solo charity concerts in the future.

Most of the time, she is the author of numerous architectural projects implemented in Krasnoyarsk: sports, recreational and public, as well as an active participant in city competitions.

She considers the main objective of her architectural work: designing the urban environment of Krasnoyarsk as comfortable and aesthetic as possible, paying particular attention to the landscaping of parks and squares, in order to harmoniously combine the city and nature.

And she says about her musical creativity: “The piano is my best friend who is always there, because music is an invisible force that can change spiritually not only oneself, but also those around”.

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