Design of souvenir product line

The creation of souvenir products for the Krasnoyarsk region is one of the ways to promote the region and its most promising areas. That is why all the souvenirs were divided into different tourist destinations: Arctic, Ergaki, Putorana plateau, Minusinsk and others. Since the Krasnoyarsk region is famous for its harsh climate and nature, among the souvenirs you will see warming blankets, mugs for hot tea and much more. The best "juicy" tomatoes grow in our region in summer – and that inspired us to create a jute bag for Minusinsk tomatoes. We approached to the idea of making souvenirs creatively and made each position stylish, modern, using decorative elements, maintaining the corporate identity of the brand book. The hosting of the World Winter Universiade in 2019, as well as other international events and the increased flow of foreign tourists made us divide the souvenir products according to the language: English and Russian. We demonstrated the best samples of souvenir products in the psentation.
Timing of implementation: year 2019.
Send us an email to find more about the project: Contact person: Polina Gordeychuk, Krasnoyarsk region tourist information center specialist. 

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