Schedule of free excursions for November from the Travelers Center


Check out the schedule of free excursions and events from the Krasnoyarsk Travelers Center for November!

November 4, 11, 18, 2519.301-1.5 hours
Evening walk to the Second volcano of Gremyachaya Griva. Have a flashlight with you. No registration required. They are waiting for you every Wednesday at 19:30 in the second visitor center of the Gremyachaya Griva eco-park.

November 4 10.00 3 hours 7km
Walk along the Torgashinsky Ridge to the Arka rock.

November 7 11.00 3-4 hours 9km
Tourist walk along Gremyachaya Griva. You will visit Nikolaevskaya and Vtoraya hills, Pervaya vidovka and Serebryanikovsky pond.

November 811.00
Sports tourism festival in the Cave Log for children from 7 years old. Participants will learn what an azimuth is, how the most necessary tourist nodes fit, overcome the crossing and receive souvenirs.
Registration is required:

November 14 10.00 5-6 hours 16km
Hike to the Pervaya (Bazayskaya) and Vtoraya Torgashinskaya vidovka.

November 1512.00
Walking tour "Around the SFU campus". Registration from November 10 by phone 271-08-08, call from 10.00 to 18.00

November 21 11.00 6-7 hours 20km
Hike along the Torgashinsky ridge along the picturesque Karst trail and the Health trail with access to the Bolgash circular trail.

November 22 10.00 5-6 hours 12km
The route along the Karaulnenskoe Upland to the Golubka and Karaulny Bull rocks.

November 28 11.00 5-6 hours 13km
Walk along the Torgashinsky ridge by the "Karst" trail.

November 29 10.00 4-5 hours 10km
Walking to vidovkas of the Gremyachaya Griva.

● Participants under 18 accompanied by adults. All details on the page of the Travelers Center @krascp

Photo: Peter Urozaev

Published: Monday, November 02, 2020

Published: 02.11.2020
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