The Putorana Reserve is located in the Arctic zone of the Krasnoyarsk Region, in the Taimyr Municipal District, and is one of the largest nature reserves in Russia, with an area of 1,887 thousand hectares. The main natural attraction of the Putorana Reserve is the landscapes of the Putorana Plateau: table mountains 1,000–1,500 m high above sea level, canyon-shaped basins of tectonic lakes, and many waterfalls.

On the territory of the reserve, an exceptional diversity of plant and animal species was recorded for these latitudes, including those listed in the Red Book of Russia. 34 species of mammals, 187 species of birds, about 40 species and subspecies of fish, and one species of amphibians are directly found here.

The Putorana Plateau remains one of the inaccessible, but pstigious areas for sports tourism. In the reserve it is possible to organize hiking in both winter and summer. In winter, these are ski expeditions, and the ski season opens in November and ends in May. In the summer these are hiking, river rafting. These routes belong to various categories of difficulty - from the second to the sixth. To date, there are four excursion and seven tourist routes in the reserve.

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