Holiday “Yeniseyskaya ukha”

Festival-holiday “Yeniseyskaya ukha” - an annual holiday of fishermen and fish soup, which is held in the second decade of July in the village of Ust-Kem in Yenisei district. The festival gathers on the banks of the Yenisei River thousands of spectators and participants not only from the cities and districts of Krasnoyarsk Region, but also from other regions of Siberia.

The main heroine of the colorful event, of course, becomes fish soup cooked over a fire from various fish caught in the Yenisei. In the culinary competition the best folk fish soup, the best professional fish soup, the best cold fish dish are determined, and each guest can taste any fish dishes and taste hot freshly cooked fish soup. In addition to culinary courtyards, for guests of the festival there are competitions for the richest fish catch, master classes of artisans, puppet shows, game programs, cartoons and films. The holiday ends with a concert, songs by the fire, a disco and fireworks.

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