Funeral traditions of Nganasans

The traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Krasnoyarsk Region are very diverse, including funeral. So, the residents of Taimyr Nganasans bury their relatives on sledges, just leaving them in the tundra. If a bear ruins a burial place, this is considered a good sign in the future fate of the deceased. According to ancient beliefs, it is dangerous to approach abandoned sledges, they can store shrines especially revered by the family, they must be communicated with in a special way, otherwise the spirits may be angry. Nganasans believe that after death, a pure half of the person goes into the world of the dead, which is located under seven layers of underground ice, and the unclean remains on the grave. That is why they avoided the cemeteries. They put all the necessary utensils into sledges, and children were buried in trees, closer to the sky. Such air burial of children and adolescents in trees or on them is also common among many other small peoples of Siberia and the Far East.

And the Nganasans believe that the dead can steal the soul of the living, and only a shaman can return it ...

Painting: Motyumyaku Turdagin, "Burial"
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