Pokrovskaya Church in the village of Bolshoi Baltschug

In 1906, the laying of the wooden Pokrovskaya Church took place in the old Cossack village of Bolshoi Baltschug (“baltschug” in Turkic is “meadow”). The place was chosen in the center of the village, a few tens of meters from the banks of the Yenisei. For its construction, a resident of Krasnoyarsk Dmitry Ioakimovich Mastikov donated a thousand rubles. The church was built 6 years later - in 1912.

Over its long life, is has witnessed many events that all of Russia has experienced. So, through the Baltschug, in their tragic Great Siberian ice campaign, the white armies of General V.O. Kappel passed, and, probably, the prayers of the Russian people for the fate of their homeland were repeatedly offered in its walls. Later, during the years of Soviet rule, the Bolsheviks closed the temple and destroyed the iconostasis. As a result, a storage for grain was made from the holy place.

Also, the Pokrovskaya Church burned more than once. Just a little bit - and the monument of wooden architecture would have disappeared forever before it reached its centenary. But in 1986, the building of the Pokrovskaya Church in Bolshoi Baltschug was recognized as an object of cultural heritage of regional significance and taken for state protection. In 2011, the church was reconstructed by the Mining and Chemical Combine.

Photo: Diana Serebrennikova