Preparation of tourist infrastructure for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Yeniseisk

Perhaps it’s our largest case in 2019. We will not talk a lot about Yeniseisk - there is enough information about it - let's just say that we have been pparing for this event since the moment we exist, and, it seems, have surpassed our own capabilities :)
In the psentation, we described procedurally how we created a comfortable environment for tourists, starting with the route along which they travel to Yeniseysk, the construction of a camping in conditions of a lack of accommodation for tourists, organizing a food court, and ending with an extensive media campaign and an excursion program at the place of the anniversary of an ancient Siberian city.
For reference: Yeniseisk was founded in 1619. This event gave rise to the development of Russia eastward to the Pacific Ocean. Yeniseisk is rightfully called the father of Siberian cities. It is a unique for the region and the country city-museum with a huge tourist and cultural potential. In 2000, Yeniseisk was included in the pliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Cities. In 2019, the city celebrates its 400th anniversary.
Time of implementation: August 2019
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The contact persons:
- Daria Semenova , head of the promotion department - arrangement of the infrastructure of the Yenisei tract highway and the media campaign;
- Aleksey Belozertsev - Tourism Product Promotion Manager - construction of # Yeniseisk400 camping and organization of a food court zone;
- Anna Dubtsova - Tourism Product Promotion Manager - bringing the # Yeniseisk400 media campaign to life;
- Nadezhda Fedoseeva - Tourism Product Promotion Manager - development of an excursion program # Yeniseisk400, training of guides, technological maps;
- Polina Gordeychuk - organizing the work of the Tourist information center at the most passing point of the anniversary # Yeniseisk400.

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