Eastern entrance of the national park "Krasnoyarsk Stolby "

Here is the #Крайвпечатляй, and this time we will tell you about the Eastern entrance of the Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Park and how to climb the famous Takmak rock.
The central entrance to Stolby is already familiar to everyone, up to 20,000 people visit it a day, but not everyone knows how to get to the Eastern entrance.  The eastern entrance is noticeable primarily for a granite quarry, which turns into an icefall in the cold season and serves as a training base for climbers and an excellent photo location for visitors.  On its territory there are information stands, an observation deck with a stunning view to the Takmak rock, an interactive ecological maze and an amphitheater.
Going to the Eastern entrance of "Stolby", choose the route that suits you - in terms of duration, it can take 30 minutes or a whole day. All trails are marked, so it is quite easy to navigate the terrain, especially with the Krasnoyask Hiking mobile app. For novice travelers who are not yet ready to climb distant rocks, and children, there is an opportunity to take a very short walk and have a photo session at the quarry, literally 200 meters from the parking lot. Well, for the more advanced climbers today we will tell you how to get to Takmak rock from a granite quarry :)
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Photo: Petr Urozaev

So how do you get to the East Entrance?

Option number 1: car

The easiest way is to type the address in the city map "2GIS": Bazayskaya, 210a / 1 and click on the "let's go" icon. You can also use Google maps and type in a search engine: East entrance "Krasnoyarsk Stolby". If you don’t use a navigator, the following information will be extremely helpful. You need to get over to the right bank of the Yenisei and move along the st. Sverdlovskaya, then turn onto the st. Bazayskaya and keep to the left at the fork. Move along the st. Bazayskaya. In the place where the road turns 90 ° to the left, you must turn sharply to the right (Golubaya Gorka street) and look for a parking space, moving up the dirt road. An important nuance: it is not always possible to park the car, so remember the rule "who gets up early ...".

Option number 2: train

You can go to a weekend trip by train from the stations: "Krasnoyarsk" (railway station), "Krasnoyarsk-Severny", and go to the station "Bobrovy Log". Ticket price: 22 RUB. Then go by bus number 37 (see option number 3).

Option number 3: bus

Take bus number 37 to the final stop "Bazaikha". Then you have to walk along the carriageway - there are no sidewalks on the narrow Bazayskaya street for about 1.5 km. At the place where Bazayskaya turns 90 ° to the left, you need to turn sharply to the right (Golubaya Gorka street) and walk 900 m along a dirt road. Be careful!

Option number 4: taxi

You can get to the East Entrance by taxi. A trip from the center of Krasnoyarsk will cost you around 200 rubles one way.

How to get to Takmak rock?

At the entrance to the Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Park, you will see information boards, where the paths leading to the rocks are indicated in different colors. The trail to Takmak rock is called the Athlete's Trail and is highlighted in blue. It runs in a deep hollow along the Mokhovyi stream. Follow the trees marked with blue markings. Turn right before the sports base "Ruygovka" (wooden building), keep to the right at the next fork after it. You have finally reached the Takmak rock massif!

There are a lot of interesting rocks and wonderful views of the city and the park area on the Takmakovskaya ridge. But don't forget, these are hard-to-reach rocks for beginners. The length of the route is about 4 km. Travel time from the Eastern entrance to Takmak rock and back is 3 hours.

What to take with you?

• Thermos with hot drinks, sandwiches
• Drinking water or empty bottle for spring water
• Portable charger (Power Bank)
• Camera
• Trekking poles
• Portable first aid kit
• Matches
• Lantern

How to dress?

• According to the season of the year; be sure to take warm dry clothes
• In winter: socks, mittens, fleece jacket (adhere to the rule of 3 layers of clothing)
• Trekking shoes with non-slip soles


• Call the Ministry of Emergency Situations by phones 01 or 101 and indicate the route
• Do not take animals with you

The route to the Takmak rock is suitable for the age category 14+.

Photo for pview: Yuri Maltsev

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