Park of the 400th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk

City Park "400th Anniversary of Krasnoyarsk"

Distance from the center of Krasnoyarsk: 7 km

Travel time by car (round trip): 30 minutes

Travel time by bus (round trip): 60 minutes

Length of hiking trails: up to 3 km (round trip)

Difficulty level: the route is suitable for children 0+

Things to do?

● Walking
● Children's playground
● Photoshoot
● Picnics
● Celebrations and events
● Running
● Bicycle
● Fitness workouts
● Basketball

Photo: Dmitry Yurlagin

Where to have a snack?

You can take a snack with you, there are also next to the park:
- cafe "Grafin", st. Molokov 1, k2;
- cafe "BOUN GUSTO" st. Molokova 1, k1;
- cafe "Papa Miho", st. Molokov 1, k3;
- confectionery "Bake A Cake", st. Molokov 1, k4.
- there is a pancake cafe on the territory of the park "Sady Mechty"
- there is a dining room and a restaurant in the Siberia International Business Center
- pizzeria "Cheez" 78 Dobrovolcheskoi brigady, 4
- TC "Commander" 78 Dobrovolcheskoi brigady, 12:
- Grill bar "Shashlykov"
- Ice cream parlor "Baskin Robbins"
- Confectionery workshop "Souffle and Beze"

How to get there?

Option number 1: car

Type in the city map "2GIS" the park "400th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk", click on the icon "let's go". We park in a multi-storey parking lot on the street Oktyabrskaya, 10 "A", (paid parking) or at the free adjoining parking of a residential building on the street 78 Dobrovolcheskoi brigady, 2. You're at the place! Enjoy your stay!

Option number 2: bus

From the central part of the city, you can take these buses:
route number 50 (Stele - Sokolovskaya); route number 53 (Selhozcomplex - Rokossovsky), route number 63 (Akademgorodok - Solnechny), route number 71 (Taimyr - Gymnasium), route number 81 (railway station - Siberian element). You need to get off at the stopping point "Central Market of the Soviet District", turn left, cross the road at the crossroads, going in the direction of the International Business Center "Siberia", you will see the entrance to the park.

If you take route 85 (Selkhozcomplex - Daurskaya), then you need to get off at the Siberia Exhibition and Business Center stop. Turning to the right, walk to the intersection and cross the road and you are there!

Option number 3: taxi

A trip from the center of Krasnoyarsk will cost you about 130 rubles one way.

What to take with you?

- camera
- personal hygiene products

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